3d Printed Xbox Holder/Mount for Driver Station

In case teams are looking for a solution for this, we designed these xbox mounts for our driver station that worked fantastic last season. I attached the thingiverse link below. Happy building!

One question, with the mount designed to grab in the middle, how are you guys handling the cable for the controller? Forgive me if I’m not as familiar with the XBox One Controllers, I’ve never used one.

My best guess would be that they simply don’t have the cable plugged in during transport/storage. The xbox one controller is powered and communicates over a micro usb cable, so one can unplug it when they wish (IMO a downside to the xbox one controller for FRC purposes, but a great selling point for consumers).

Edit: BTW, love the design. I may need to work on designing something similar for our driverstation now…

You can also grab just left/right of middle to avoid the plug. The contour is the same for half an inch or so either side.


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