3d printer TPU Wheel part 2

Hello. Two days ago I shared a post about making wheels using TPU filament with a 3D printer for our intake. First of all, thank you for your support.

Within two days, we designed one wheel. I am looking forward to your good and bad criticisms and your thoughts on how we can improve it.


I know it’s TPU but I would get some hefty fillets on those stress risers where a spoke meets the hub and a spoke meets the rim


Looks great, and you will find it flexes to comply more in 1 direction. Just a word about printing it, know that the shells on tpu become much more stuff than the infill. So when you print it, you may find you want to round more of the edges to get flex in different locations. Can’t wait to see it in action.

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This should do it

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Would you be willing to share the step file as we have been trying to do the same but with TPU entraption stars. We would gladly relay all info gained from them as it’s difficult to look at pros and cons of them without testing them.

Looking good!

If anyone wants to try a custom infill with nTopology, I would be happy to generate a file for you. It only take a few seconds to import a model and apply any number of lattice structures.

@CoubardAlex I generated an entraption star for you based off of the standard AndyMark star and attached it to this post. Let me know if you want changes or have a different geometry you want to try.

Star STL.zip (11.9 MB)

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