3D Printing Award

I am assuming since they haven’t said anything about it their won’t be a 3D printing award this year. Hear i thought with them giving away printers it would make it more available for teams to apply. Should have applied last year i guess. We did a lot of printing for our robot last year and this year.

Unfortunately not this year.

If you got one of the ECKOCYCLE Cubify 3D printer, do you need to buy their software? It seems like you cannot directly print from SolidWorks, what other options do we have? THanks.

I haven’t worked with the Ekocycle 3D Printer yet but all you should need to do is export your solidworks model as a .stl file and import that into the free Cubify software.

The “free Cubify Software” is really difficult to find. My son somehow found it, and fortunately saved the installation file…I’ve searched for it three times since and can’t find the link. We’ve been installing it from a flash drive copy of his original (but unrepeatable) download.

If someone has that link - I’d love to have it and bookmark it for future use.

Plus, the software is very difficult to use. To print multiple copies of the same item, you have to add each part individually, correct the orientation, etc. Other programs I’ve used allow copy and paste.

To the original question - did anyone get any feedback from their 3D Printer award submission last year? We submitted, but didn’t hear a thing…not even about the winner. I’d love to see what won.

Download the software from theactive product page. Link is on the right hand side of the page. It is very hard to find if you don’t know where to look.

Thank you for posting this! It truly is very difficult to find.

Geeeeeez! how many times I have been to that page and yet not see the DownLoad button!

Thank you for posting the link and pointer to the button. Guess after 3 weeks into build season your brain and eyes don’t focus on anything but robot!