3D Printing Contest

NEW for 2018!!!

So many teams have 3D printers these days we thought it would be fun to start a new informal competition:

Challenge: Create a 1/20 Scale Model of your 2018 Power Up robot.

Award: Bragging rights and another $35 Voucher](https://library.automationdirect.com/free-first-voucher/) to buy anything you want at AutomationDirect for the top 50 entries.

>>>> Yes FIFTY WINNERS. <<<<

Details: Go here

3D Field: Print your own 20:1 field!

The RampBot STL has an issue. The scale is way off, and crashes all my software that tries to open it. On the others, the scale looks to be off by a factor of 25.4 as well. Something went wrong in inches to mm conversion or something.

I’ll take a look - Thanks!

FYI - They are in mm …

Yeah, Ramp Bot STL was hosed.

All the others look fine to me. Note that they are in mm.

I’ll upload the good arm bot image first thing tomorrow am

Revision A of the zip file is now available - RampBot is (hopefully) fixed.

Download the new ‘FRC 2018 Robots-revA.zip’ here: