3D printing whole robots

I got bored yesterday, so I figured why not design an entire robot… and then let my 3D printer build it for me over night? I feel kind of like Tony Stark right now! And yes, when I hook up a rubber band, the catapult shoots :slight_smile:


Vids or it didn’t happen


We have taken to re-imagining FRC games at 1/4 scale using the Romi, and noticed that a standard tennis ball is roughly 1/4 scale of this year’s cargo.

Yeah, I had a few smaller ones sitting around, so this is actually a 5.5:1 print, which happens to be about as large as my printer!

That is cool!

It is not clear if that chassis design complies with the (scaled) bumper support rules. It might be a good idea to get the opinion of your local LRI :wink:

Darn it, I knew I forgot something!

Guess Jon better ask himself for a rule call on this one then :joy:

Calling @mpirringer


Give me about 6 hours, I can print a new frame :slight_smile:

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Anyone remember that team that printed their entire chassis on a large-format 3D printer a few years back? Should be pics here on CD somewhere…

I believe it was 3824

Our 2020 robot was 3dp


It was about 14 kg of HIPS reinforced with some 1/2 in 16 gauge square aluminum tubing. So maybe a hybrid bot. And yeah the motors and gearboxes on this one are all andymark of the shelf stuff Belts are either GT2 or HTD-5

All cad here

And more 3dp stuff



Oh and the parts were printed on a couple of anycubic Chirons (400x400x400 mm build volume

Thanks for pinging me on this

I love the idea :smiley:

I was surprised how many 3D printed parts 3187 had in 2018, so there is a potential

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