3D Scan Manipulation

I want to take this 3d scan of myself and turn my head into a coffee mug. To comply with Shapeways ceramic printing guidelines, I need to shell out the model, slice a flat bottom, and add a handle.

If I could import it into SolidWorks as a real solid part, then I know how to do all these things. I don’t know how to get it to be a real part though, and not just a “graphic”.

Does anyone have experience with this?

Ah, you have to tell Solidworks what to do very explicitly. When opening the file, switch the filter to STLs, then click the file, then an “options” button appears. Choose to import as a Solid Body instead of as a Graphics Body. Then you can interact with it in Solidworks. This will limit you to a 20,000 face STL, but that’s more than enough to make my old laptop cry.