3D Scanner - Updated

The last post I could find about 3D scanners was 6 years ago…soooo…who is using one and what recommendations do you have?

I want to make an impression of a hand grip and then 3D print the inverse. Imagine a custom sword grip.

CD thoughts?

Depends on how accurate and detailed you need the scans to be. I use a very expensive Romer Absolute Arm laser scanner at work. We use it for reverse engineering car parts. Even with state of the art equipment and software it is still a clunky process. The hardware is there but there is really only two decent reverse engineering software packages which both kinda suck. I can take a giant point cloud of a part and filter it but I still need to go through and manually crop and edit the file so it meshes properly. I mean like going through with my mouse and selecting unnecessary points almost like MS Paint. It is not as easy as just scan and boom cad. I have thought about how I could use it for robotics but it is really not worth my time. Others probably have had different experiences with scanning, just my 2¢.

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Still have our original MakerBot Digitizer. It works. It’s not terrible, but it’s not great. Never really did anything useful with it. No one ever really had the interest for it.

We have an artec eva. I don’t know if it’s the eva lite or the eva. I’ve never seen it used. It sits in the back of one of the closets. I think we got it via our school district and some weird cte funds program they have. Either way, I’ve never seen it used nor can I think of a way we could use it.

That was a $10K scanner! Would you like to part with it? :slight_smile:

i have done this a few years back where u can turn an old kinect sensor into a with some software into a 3d scanner if u looking for something insanely cheap, i think maybe for what ur doing it should be accurate enough

Take a look at the capabilities of the iPhone XS + 11 series in regards to 3D scanning from an app. It isn’t necessarily the best solution for what you’re looking to do but it is most likely the lowest-cost, lowest barrier to entry because I bet someone on your team already has an iPhone X or 11.