3D Studio Max 6 Question!!

Hey, I know that we received a copy of 3DS Max 6 this year in our kits and I have a question regarding the installation. Both, my friend and I want to work on the animation of our robot this year. BUT I heard that 3DS Max 6 has a tricky installation regarding a 30-day free trial and then activation. BUT I also heard that it is a one time installations well and it can only be put on one computer. Is the copy we received a business edition and can it be installed on multiple computers LEGALLY? Thanx!


If you didn’t get the multi-user lisence, then you can only install 3DS Max 6 on one computer legally. You can install other 30-day trials as many times as you want on the other computers though, so you could do that and at least have 30 days per computer. FIRST really needs to provide more CD Keys than the one you get… it’s just not feasable to do all your animation on one computer.

Anyways, hope that helps.

how do i determine whether i have the multi-installation copy or not?


That I’m not quite sure on… you probably would get more than 1 CD Key. The software package from FIRST just has 1 CD Key though, so that’s most likely what you have.

Here’s where being a sr. team becomes an advantage b/c you start accumulating things. (I’m not on our animation team) but we have bought extras in the past, ours is based out of a school that teaches it as part of a course I think and that will help you. But in the mean time 30 day trials are a great way to go. Plus FIRST doesn’t have enought money to give every team 2 or three keys that would get really expensive quick.

If i remember right, the way 3D Studio max authorizes itself, is it has something to do with the combination cd-key and a code in your registry to give it a unique code, i could be wrong though.

I think the reason FIRST only gives us one license is because they get it at a HEAVY discount or free from Discreet. The idea is to get people hooked to their software, and in their industry rather than using Lightwave or something. Giving 15 licenses would defeat the point because you’d almost have enough to sell, and every team differs in size… I’m using a 30 day trial right now, which is alright since the date of submission is a little more, but close to 30 days.

when i read the manual, it said that if you install the 30-day free trial, u cant reinstall the free trial. is there a file somewhere u can delete in order to keep on reinstalling?