3D Studio Max

Hello fellow F.I.R.S.T members and friends. I have a little problem.Can anyone tell me what they think the 3D Studio Max assignment is about.I have a clue, but I want to get other teams input on the theme.Thank You this is greatly appreciated.


Psst. Hey, pal. Try the Animation forum. B^P

Buuut… as long as the question is here, the MAX assignment is more of a cool (albeit tough) chance at your very own copy of MAX. Mmmm… Polygonalicious… What you have to do is create a story around what FIRST means to your team, then turn that story into a 30 second animation.

For animation tips and tricks give the Animation forum on Chief Delphi a try, or even FIRSTanimators by sending an email to me, so I can signs yous up, or email [email protected].

There ya go. Hope that helps some. Oh, and my input? I think it’s a good idea. It gives the animation teams a focus, rather than just creating a hodge-podge animation. Most animators do not agree from what I’ve seen, as they claim it makes it to restrictive. now let me get all grandpa on you all

<grandpa>Ooh, sonny, back in my day, there were 3 animators on the team, and 2 of dem were just cheering the 3rd on. With this here new-fangled racken fracken story focus, I’ve created 8 stories between two separate teams I’m helping. All unique, creative, and staying on focus. So take them mash taters and stick em in your long johns!</grandpa>

Ah, the wacky mind of an animator. Gosh help us all, every one.

Good luck and happy animating!

-Robby O
FIRSTanimators Moderator
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