3DExperience FRC Dashboard - where is it?


I’m a non-technical mentor trying to help new students with 3DExperience (the cloud version of SOLIDWORKS). I’ve signed up and was following along with the tutorial video. ( https://youtu.be/oTq2RDDzdUQ ) In the video, it talks about selecting your program’s dashboard. It doesn’t seem to be populated for me. Does anyone have ideas?

I haven’t signed up via the team sign-up process since I’m trying to model our team members’ experience. As a 4-H team, parents can share the information that DSS requires for a team sign-up but not club leaders. Each person on our team will be signing up the the individual student 3DExperience while still going through the FRC sign-up here: Worldwide challenges | 3DEXPERIENCE Edu

Thank you!

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I would not recommend 3DExperience. it’s a really bad program in mine and many other peoples opinions there’s next to 0 support in terms of resources for FIRST. i would recommend looking at something like onshape, it is extremely similar. but unlike 3DExperience it’s actually useable.

We tried using OnShape and SOLDWORKS last year. It wasn’t ideal. We do need to use at least SOLIDWORKS; most of our CAD files are in SOLIDWORKS and a good number of our students are familiar with it. (Our team has students from several high schools. One of the schools uses SOLIDWORKS in their courses.)

At the moment, our team can’t meet in-person unless it’s outside and that’s just not really going to work well for CAD. :slight_smile: Some of our team members don’t have computers that will let them run SOLIDWORKS.

It’s essentially our only solution that we can run with at the moment.

I understand why 3DExpericane is attractive. I’ve used it in the past and I can not express in words how bad it is, I highly recommend either Solidworks or onshape. even if you’re school teaches with a different program. my school uses inventor and I use onshape for robotics. it can be a little difficult to balance two CAD software at the same time. but I’d hands down do it every time if it means I never need to use 3Dexperiance. I’m truly sorry i can’t be of more help and I wish you the best of luck through the many struggles 3Dexperiance has to offer.

Welp. I really, really appreciate the honesty! I had no idea that it might be that bad. I’ve heard the expression “solid-doesn’t-works” before plenty of times. I’ve heard / seen the frustration that people have experienced trying to remove an old version and download a new one. (Bonus being in a rural area: some towns in our catchment don’t have Internet yet. Students have to drive to Dunkin Donuts for their free wifi to join online meetings.)

I’ll set my expectations low! :slight_smile: and if it comes to that, we’ll try something else with our non-Solidworks students and wait until we can get back into the shop with our CAD computers. Maybe we’ll re-visit the Onshape and Solidworks melding once again.

There are times when I’d be OK with not learning another thing courtesy of 2020. It’s been a year.

You can use grabcad workbench if you want to use Solidworks. Spectrum has a library for FRC . You can download Spectrum’s library and upload it to your workbench.

I use 3dx at work for an aerospace company. It’s extremely powerful and has a lot of benefits for complex models and projects. That being said it’s probably the last program I would recommend for someone to learn 3d modeling in for the first time. The learning curve is steep, and resources are scarce or only available for older versions of the software. Troubleshooting bugs is a frequent experience with some features being broken for months at a time. For something like FRC I’d recommend using any of the other cad software mentioned in this thread.

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