3DExperience Platform Help

I figured I’d start a new thread dedicated help with all things 3DExperience Platform, primarily because I need help with it. :grin: I think this has the potential to be a great replacement for GrabCAD, but I’m getting a little hung up getting started.

I made it this far in the tutorial video. The trouble is, I can’t get the side bar plugin in Solidworks to look like this:

All I’ve got is this (files are ones I added to 3DExperience Drive in WIndows Explorer).

I don’t see how to get my plugin to be like in the video.

Maybe I’m not understanding the difference between 3DSpace and 3DDrive. Can anyone explain that to me? Am I not using the right “app”?

When I click on anything in here:

It launches a new tab in Chrome that comes up completely blank. Even going to this link http://solidworks.com/academic-cloud it comes up blank.

Oddly enough, 3DExperience in the browser works fine in an Incognito window.

Are my troubles because I accepted only the necessary cookies? Are my troubles because I am using Solidworks 2022-2023 and not 2023-2024? Is my 3DExperience account not set up with the right group or something?

@mplanchard or anyone else who has got this working, please help. I’m feeling rather lost on this.

I believe that you need the new version of solidworks, don’t quote me on that though. @OccamzRazor

You should use the latest version of SOLIDWORKS with the platform to use the service window shown below - but there is also a download you need to launch from the platform in your browser first and any time you want to connect to the cloud using PLM services (smaller image attached).

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Thank you @OccamzRazor you are correct. You need the SOLIDWORKS AddIn App from the Compass in a browser.

View Ryan’s webinar for FIRST teams https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1GRvUoeLK8&t=146s

  1. From your invitation you open a web browser. Click the compass in the upper left - big blue circle.

  2. Create a Collaborative Space with the 3D Space Apps. Use 1 Collaborative Space for your team.

  3. Select the SOLIDWORKS Add in from below the compass - install the HotFix. This should connect to SOLIDOWORKS 2022-2023. But I strongly recommend you apply for sponsorship and get SOLIDWORKS 2023.

  4. We also have a new FIRST Dashboard now that has Bookmark Editor and xDesign your cloud CAD. The AndyMark and Rev Robotics and Lego Libraries are tabs across the top.

  5. The SOLIDWORKS Add In allows you to go back and forth to SOLIDWORKS desktop and cloud storage.

  6. 3D Drive is cloud storage for windows. It works like google drive but knows about SOLIDWORKS associated file structure.

  7. We recommend you use set your Collaborative Space for your team and use this space for everyone with Bookmarks.

  8. In the beginning - lets make certain your cloud apps work the the SOLIDWORKS Add In from your web browser.

  9. Then you will be able to login to the platform from WIndows and just go into SOLIDWORKS - but this will be better at 2023.

  10. Start with a part of a small assembly inside of SOLIDWORKS and save to the cloud.

My husband David did a few simple examples to help out educators.
3DEXPERIENCE Works Lesson 1: Getting Started with SOLIDWORKS and the Platform

3DEXPERIENCE Works Lesson 2: SOLIDWORKS and Save and Revision

3DEXPERIENCE Works Lesson 3: SOLIDWORKS and Bookmarks, Share and Delete

3DEXPERIENCE Works Lesson 4: SOLIDWORKS and Lifecycle Maturity States

3DEXPERIENCE Works Lesson 5: SOLIDWORKS, Collaborative Space and Bookmarks

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Any idea why 3DExperience opens blank in my browser when I’m not in incognito mode? Maybe it’s a cookie thing?

If it works in incognito then try cleaning out your cookies and cache. If that does not work please go to go.3ds.com/studentcommunity and post the question. There are support engineers that monitor this page.

I’m really trying to make this work, but still struggling. I appreciate the help @mplanchard and I hope we’re able to get this sorted out. I’m days and hours invested into this now, so I don’t want to just abandon my efforts here.

I cleared all cache and cookies in Chrome, and 3DExperience still loads a blank page. I switched to Edge as my default browser, and the browser side of 3DExperience seems to work fine for me in Edge. So, I’ll stick with that.

I tried following Lesson 1. Again, I didn’t get too far. I do not have the “Design with SOLIDWORKS” “app” in My Apps.

This is what I need (I think)

This is what I have

Is the “SOLIDWORKS Add-in” the same thing as the “Design with Solidworks” App and it got a new name? Or are these two different things and I don’t have the right thing?

When I click on the SOLIDWORKS Add-In icon in 3DExperience in my browser, it launches Solidworks. That tells me the launcher is installed and working.

However, in Solidworks 2022-2023, my 3DExerience panel looks nothing like the tutorial.

This is what I have:

This is what I need:

It’s like my version of the hotfix is completely different or something. Is this 3DExperience Add-In something that just flat out does not work in Solidworks 2022-2023 and it’s mandatory to install SolidWorks 2023-2024? Or am I doing something wrong?

I use Solidworks professionally on a daily basis, but I’m struggling to get this 3DExperience add-in working correctly.

  1. yes Design with SOLIDWORKS and the SOLIDWORKS app are the same.
  2. I sent you the code for 2023 SOLIDWORKS for you and your FIRST team. Uninstall 2022. Install 2023 and then exit - reboot.
  3. Create a Collaborative Space from your browser window (not inside of SOLIDWORKS). Select 3DSpace App.
  4. Click SOLIDWORKS App from your browser window. This launches SOLIDWORKS desktop and the 3DEXPERIENCE Add Inn,

Please remove any SOLIDWORKS 2022 or earlier and then install the new sponsorship of SOLIDWORKS 2023 desktop! Very important. For more technical support and questions go to go.3ds.com/studentcommunity and post your questions.

Thank you for the help Marie. This was my issue. 3DExperience seems to function as intended with SolidWorks 2023-2024, but not with 2022-2023. I really appreciate your patience and support in helping to get me going on this.