3DP lift

Printing the beefier version of our rack and pinion lift - hope to install this week

Bearing plate needs 2 per setup (one front one rear the holes take 1 1/8 bearings on the bottom is a mount for a 3/4in square tubing shaft that will connect it to the frame the top and bottom holes get intermeshing gears that drive the double rack the center row connects the top and bottom so all gears drive the gears are sandwitched between 2 plates here is the other side

The shaft at the bottom is 428 mm long the height is about 360mm its 700g of HIPS

Here is the rack setup

397mm long 2 double racks going with the plate above there is a top and bottom part the cross piece is to keep it alligned on the top the bottom crosspiece also has mounts for bearings to hold the axle and small wheels we will lower the center has a 1/2in square hole that we will insert a 1/2in square tubing into it to connect the top and bottom pieces. the holes are countersunk to take 8/32 bolts to keep the 1/2 in shaft in place. each piece about 340 g of HIPS.

Printed on the new Anycubic Chiron.

Starting monday we will mount it to bumblebot

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