3ds max 7 and auto desk /autocad software

hey, im a new to modeling and animating and have been messing with the 30 day trial off of max’s website but i just recently found out that we got software packages with max 7 and auto cad and the whole "auto " family, but i noticed when i opened the box that there is a serial number but no cd key, does that mean that i only have that for 30 days? or do i even have to put a cd key in or what?? i don’t want to try installing unistalling on my school comp because it was hard enough as it is to get the trial on there with pewrmission etc and i want to know all the details of the liscence authorization etc…thanks in advance for help :slight_smile: Please respond!

You need to register your copy to obtain the CD key. To Register 3dMax, you go to the help menu and there should be a “Register” option. It will give you a couple options and you can either register the product over the phone or internet. When you register it, they will ask you for the serial and then will send you the other number to enter into the program to register it.

I’m new to autocad, but I have used 3d modelrs before, I was able to pick up on them after a few uses. However, Autocad still remains much of a mystery. I’ve tried the tutorials but much to my displeasure am still unfamilair with it. Could anyone recomend a book for me to try? I’m open to any and all suggestions.

just a suggestion…make a new thread, you’ll get more responces,

and thanks ebmonon36 for the help :slight_smile: