3DS Max 9 Tutorial Videos

Well, since I couldn’t find anything on the subject anywhere else, I decided to ask here. I’m in charge of the Animation program on our team, and well, everyone on the animation team is rather new to the software. So, when I ran the program and saw that there were videos that I could watch to learn the basics I was rather pleased. That is, until they didn’t play. They run through Quicktime, and there’s some sort of plugin required, but i don’t know what or where they are.

Any information on this or material editing would be great.


If you need help with material editing, drop me an email ([email protected]). I’m the texture guy in our animation team, so I can give you a hand if you need it. Just reply to this or email me. Good luck!

make sure u put your tutorials folder in correct place, well i have the trial version of it from autodest website, and they offer a separate dl for the tutorials there so u can check there, and this is the first edition iv seen them intergrate it that way so when someone opens it up, the tutorial page comes up.

Quicktime can be retrieved from the apple homepage, if you haven’t tried that already. The “update” only reinstalls the latest version of quicktime. I also advise to switch up where you guys get tutorials, try different sites and try starting with the tuts included with 3ds max.