3ds max animation

Can we resubmit to auto-desk steam line website at higher quality if it is the same things nothing changed?? the first time we submitted it, it was at low quality.

What’s there is there.
They cannot accept anymore entries or redone files.

I wouldn’t entirely rule it out. Email Kelly Stanphill (kelly.stanphill@autodesk.com) and ask her about it. Since they don’t have to make DVDs for regional judging this year, there -might- be a bit more leeway, deadline-wise. :smiley:

Please disregard this post… Thanks for responding

We posted the movie correctly, just some of the team members do not like its quality… but due to the restrictions on the type of file, codec, and size ours did not come out as clear as possible…

Also… JW why does it have to be a .mov anyone know?

did anyone notice, that the manual it said on the due date "TUESDAY FEBRUARY 13, 2006), could this be a issue of controversy. the day of the 13th was MONDAY and TUESDAY was the 14th, is one word is more important than one digit?

I would assume that the DATE takes precidence over the DAY.