3DS Max Help

Ok, im using 3ds max for a school project and i have accedently done something. i have somehow locked all the figures and objests i import onto the orgin. if i make a just a plain circle, the center of the circle is the orgin and i am unable to move it. how can i fix it?

try hitting space bar. That unlocks things. Other than that i cant visualize your problem. Can you explain some more?

that didnt help. when ever i try to place a circle for example, it is automatically centered on the orgin. and that would be ok but after that circle is created, i cant move that circle anywhere.

It might have something to do with the Transform Controller.

  1. Select your object & click the Motion Tab (wheel icon)
  2. Under Assign Controller choose Transform:Position/Rotation/Scale
  3. Click the little square icon w/the question mark
  4. Is the “Position/Rotation/Scale” controller checked? If not, it should be, and click the 'Make Default" button.

Let us know if this helps!

no that didn’t help. it was already checked. the worst part is that i uninstalled and reinstalled 3ds max and the problem was still there it didn’t get reset at all. could it somehow be a problem with my computer? i’m running it on a laptop (that can handle it) but the other copies i have access to are on slower desktops that have not had this problem.

Sorry. I know you must be frustrated.

On a 3ds Max forum I read about a guy having an identical problem with an older version of Max. He fixed it by exiting the program & deleting his max.ini file. When he restarted Max it created a new “clean” ini file and his new objects behaved normally.

I know you reinstalled Max. I don’t know if that overwrites an existing ini file.

If this doesn’t help you might try these forums:

Search the archives first, then if you can’t find a solution post a new question. Try to be very specific in the subject heading. it’ll get a quicker response.

wow that helped. thank you. thank you very much! if you ever happen to findout why that happens that would also be very helpful so i wont have to delete all my settings when it happens again. but this is great.