3ds max VS Maya VS XSI

I have have played around for a while now with all of the programs and was wondering how many other people here use other 3d appz besides 3ds max and which do u believe is best…

I have come to the conclusion that max is very easy to use (maybe casue I spend the most time with it) Maya is powerful great texturing and mental ray is amazing… XSI 2.2 is the best out there the easy of use of max the power of maya and mental ray 3.0 is incredible and the ability to draw a “render region” in any view point makes model tweaking and effects easy (render region creates a rendered area in any view point and it active updates all render regions are fully ratraced and effects") www.softimage.com for a demo CD that will arrive in 4 to 6 weeks (or in my case 8 gerrrrr…)

Wow, dude thx for the info on softimage

I didn’t think they had a demo, and I have heard excellent things about it. Is a demo of the software actually included on the cds?

I don’t know about Softimage, but I have never found MAX or Maya to be great for modeling, so I use Rhinoceros, which I find awesome. Is Softimage a good modeling tool or is it more render focused?

Yes… the demo is 2 cds 1 is the demo software and the second is a bunch of not to bad training videos if u want I can arrange and iso of the demo cd for u if u want it cuase it take for ever to be delivered (nto warez since it’s a demo right? :slight_smile: lol) about the modeling I never used rhino I think XSI take a little getting used to since it has a strange way about it but once u get used to it’s sweet and the rendering is greay Mental Ray is great if u ever used it in 3ds max it’s like that but 3 times better order the CD now if u want it by christmas hehe I ordered it last week of school and got it last week!

!!BTW!! if anyone wants an iso of the demo or just talk since this has been the most boring summer since I could walk my AIM/AOL SN is “Marathon75” IM me I am prolly there since I spent the entire summer sitting on my skinny… well ttyl maybe

I’ve had expierience using Bryce… although it’s not powerful for modeling at all, it’s VERY easy to make landscapes. It also comes with tons of preset textures, clouds, liquids, and skies. Bryce also uses that regional-rendering thing that was mentioned, if it’s what I think you meant.

I’ve only used 3ds max, but I’ve been happy. I’ll follow your advice and expand. I’ll let you know if I see the light. Thanks.

I my self have never really gotten into bryce but what I ment by render regions is in any viewport you can draw a box a “render region” and it renders that little section in the viewpoint and ever time u doin summin it updates it nive for high poly scences that you want to tweak but not wait for the entire thing to render.

yeah, Bryce does that too

hehe, Max utilizes render regions too, next to the quick render button, as shown here. Just click it, select ur render region, click okay, and render! VOLIA! Rendererd! BTW, another cool feature of max in that area of max is the new Active Shader in max 4.2. It provides you with the ability to change lights and materials without having to rerender the whole scene. It creates a basic, lower detail rendering in a viewport, as u move lights around, it updates things like the highlights and stuff in the viewport, without having to rerender, pretty freakin cool for tweakin ur lights and materials. Well, until next time! This is Jim, Posting off…


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