3ds max work

Not to many 3ds max posts, so I thought I would show people what I have been working on in the past week.

I have been working on 3ds max to create a team number logo for various things like shirts buttons and stickers. The shape will be the same, but the materials and perspective angles may change. Here is what I have so far.
If you click on the image it will take you to one in 1920x1200, so it may take a while to load.

My team mates wanted gears to replace the 8. I don’t really like that idea, because it just seems too ordinary and unimaginative or something. I tried to make them look best I can, and less tacky. I used ambient occlusion maps to fake shadows, and an hdri map for fake reflections. I does also reflect itself and the floor too. The material I used in this render is what I call soft aluminum. I made it using various settings in the Arch and Design material.

Anyways, hope you guys like it, and I wouldn’t mind some feedback on it. If you have any questions, I will try to answer them.

This is not the place for 3ds max. This is for CAD. 3ds max is a graphics/animation software. It would probably be better suited for one of the two sections posted below. Hopefully that is more what you are looking for.



I didn’t see those, but can you blame me? Besides, to me CAD is computer aided graphics, but to make you happy I will post it there too.

CAG? Oh well, I just thought it might explain to you why you were not getting much of a response. A key to using CD is posting in the right spot. A thread posted in one forum will get no response while the same thread in a different forum gets massive response. It really does matter.

In my opinion, the work done is great, but the concept, I feel, could use some improvement. To me, it seems that there is too much of a contrast between the first three numbers and the eight. While the idea of having gears make up the eight is creative, it seems out of place with the first three being a very basic font and having no design of themselves. It just seemed distracting, to me. I would suggest either changing the eight to a regular eight, or manipulating the other numbers (or at least the background) in some way to make them less plain. However, this is all just my opinion.