3Ds Max

does any one have any robot drawings for 3ds max

you’ll have to be a bit more specific. Primary sketches…3d models…autocad schematics. But why would you want them…they’re going to be different then your robot anyway.

What kind of robot? Giant killing machines? I’ve got lots of those.

hey dumb-dumb…no more stupid posts.

At least my English is decent.

i need the robot drawings for 3ds max so i can add the other teams robots into my animation

You could just make some up. Some simple ones.

i know i can do that i have. i am asking you this for more ideas.

you’ll have to give us a couple of days…probably saturday or sunday…and we’ll send you a prototype pics of a robot that is close to our idea…but not actually our real robot. I hope that will help you.

Thankyou that will help very much!:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

really quickly…do you want schematics Or do you want us to draw up some pics from 3d angles. And they won’t be our actual robot!! just prototype ideas.

yeah just give me what ever you got. or what ever you get done first

isn’t that against what the competition is about?

i thought it was supposed to be fully modeled by the competing team…or am i just a stickler for doing stuff myself?


no I’m not giving him real models. Only pics of our robot and schematics. He can do the modeling himself. And the competition is all about cooperation…but I can see what you are thinking.

check your PM…linkin. I left message for what you need to do there