3dsm 9

It came out today. I downloaded the free trial and from what I have done so far I love it. Anyone else get it?
There is some nice extensions to mental ray. They added an Arch Material set made for mental ray, and a new car paint mental ray texture.
From what I have read it is made for the use of 64b processors but it also has a 32b version. They said they have also fixed booleans, which I have not tested yet I will be sure to tonight.

Go sign up and get your free trial

Overall not a major difference from what I have done so far, but hey if it fixes the random bugs and glitches in booleans I am happy.


does it run on a mac?

As far as I know, 3ds max still does not run on Mac OS X.

However if your Mac has an Intel core, you can install BootCamp or Parallels Desktop. That will create a Windows partition of your hard drive and you can install 3ds max on there.

Parallel’s Desktop probably won’t work, because it does not support OpenGL or Direct3D acceleration, which is how 3ds draws its workspaces. So unless you use software rendering (not even sure this is still supported or would work with an emulation layer), you would need BootCamp to run it on an Intel Mac.

Note that BootCamp is still Beta, and certain applications may not perform as expected, even though they are run natively.

I have to say that I love the new version… The poly selection and soft selection where it may have lagged in 8 and below has been greatly reduced. I also am running the 64 bit version of it. Im so happy! I love it

Parallels Desktop (from what I gleaned from their website) is virtual machine emulation software in the mold of VMware. You run Windows like it’s a parasite to your Mac resources. Usually, hardware acceleration is not supported, which means Direct3D will work, it just won’t have a graphics card to utilize (meaning it doesn’t work). Parallels Desktop claims “Graphic performance support”; dunno what that means. Everything else will work, except that it will be deathly slow because Windows has to share what little resources are left from Mac.

As for Boot Camp… I don’t own a Mac, but I dual-boot Linux and WinXP and it’s a pain to reboot whenever you need something. It’s also hard to share files between the two OSes’ partitions, unless you make a new FAT32 partition just for that. And then you don’t keep your app settings, preferences, or anything. Everybody says Boot Camp is so great, but really it’s just a crude way of making Windows programs work.

I have hopes for Maya. I really really hope that FIRST will incorporate Maya, and then make available ALL THREE PORTS. I want to be able to run Maya in Linux.

Just thought I’d clear that up about WinMacs.