3dsmax5 Crash?

Recently, when using 3dsmax 5.1 on my Windows XP Prof. Box, it seems like whenever i use the application, then quit it, the computer prohibits itself from shutting down. The only way how to solve the problem is to end the process in the task manager, then try to shutdown.

I have tried a fresh install of Win XP Professional, and it yields the same problem.

Has anyone else had the same problem?

Yes! Actually…heh…I think it might be a .1 bug…Personally, I dont see it as a big problem…i just end the process and its gone

Heh. Good. I thought i was alone… :stuck_out_tongue:

Same problem here… Just an idea - what video cards to you guys have? I’ve never had such problem before i’ve installed my new ATI card.

hmm…I have an ATI radeon 9700 vid card…hmmm…

radeon 9500pro…