3M 8830 Scotchlite Reflective Material

I am a rookie mentor. On page 29 of the game manual, it says I should get a piece of 3M Scotchlite relective material in my Black Tote. I can’t find it and I don’t see it on the KOP. Did others get some? Am I missing something? We just got our Limelight and we want to work on it this weekend.
Team 8033

We got it as I recall.

Is there some SILVER tape with “3M” on the back anywhere in the shop, including on any of your team field elements?

We didn’t get any silver tape.

That was a mistake in the manual, it was not included in the KOP. We had to get it from firstchoiceandymark.com

Yeah, I just checked through the KOP checklist for the Black Tote–not there.

Or any other place that sells the stuff.

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