3pin RS232 port doesnt work on camera. can't debug while connecting through the DB9.

Hi Everyone,
I have used Kevin’s (thanks Kevin!) serial port diagnostic utility to find the problem with our camera. it seems that the 3pin connector on the camera is faulty and thus I can’t use the TTL port to connect to the camera.

On the other hand I can’t make sure it’s all working while connecting the camera to the programming port through the DB9 cable, because the programming port is taken up…

Any Ideas on how I can debug the camera with the terminal while connecting it through the DB9 cable?



Have you tried wiring up a 9 pin to PWM-style connector to go through your RS232-TTL adapter? The pinout should be:

PWM     RS232
1 Blk   5
2 Red   3
3 Wht   2

I’m 95% positive that’s correct. If not, you’d have to swap red and white. Also, can you be certain the problem is your 3 pin header and not your RS232-TTL adapter? You could use a similar PWM to 9-pin adapter to connect your computer to the camera’s 3-pin connector to check that. You’d need to change the gender of the connectors, but the pinout stays the same.

It sounds from your message that you are on the right track, but I can’t tell for sure.
The most common problem I have seen when there is no communications on that port is because two serial connections are made to the board at the same time. The camera will only support one connection at a time. The other issue I have seen with the 3 pin RS232 port is that the TTL adapter board keeps coming loose from the RC.
That’s my $.02.