3rd Annual Northern Minnesota Robotics Conference Championship - Teams/Webstream Info

The NMRC is on its 3rd year. This years event will take place at Their River Falls HS on Saturday October 26th and broadcasted live from twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow

Current team list (from TBA):

|876|Thunder Robotics|
|3134|The Accelerators|
|3275|The Regulators|
|3750|Gator Robotics|
|3754|TrekNorth First City Robotics|
|4181|Quack Attack|
|4539|KAOTIC Robotics|
|4623|Flyer Robotics|
|5253|Bigfork Backwoods Bots|
|5653|Iron Mosquitos|
|6132|Iron Rangers|
|6453|Bog Bots!|
|7235|Red Lake Ogichidaag|
|7677|Bodacious Bulldogs|

Anybody know why 5172 isn’t going?

The simple answer is they aren’t a member of the NMRC (This event is only open to member teams). As for why that is… you’d have to ask them.

Thanks for the response.

Surprised that 2883 is not going especially after their MSHSL win.

Well another year in the books for the NMRC.
First the standings :
#1 alliance 3750 5653 3275
#2 alliance 876 4480 3754
#3 alliance 3102 4674 3134
#4 alliance 4539 4623 5913
The #4 alliance wins out over the #1 alliance to make the finals as does #3 over #2. The #2 pulls out the win to grab 3rd place. The #3 alliance pushes it to 3 rounds but #4 is able to win out in 3 very aggressive finals matches.

This is a small off-season event but the onsite production value is very high with professional sound and concert style lighting (thank you DJ Hunter and the NLFX crew). This event was also broadcast with the assistance of FUN’s Twitch channel (due to some issues, video stream starts at ~25min. This event was run by over 50 volunteers some who drove hundreds of miles to work our one day event to provide our students with an awesome experience.

Special thanks to our host school Lincoln HS in Thief River Falls MN! Also to our major sponsors Team Industries and Digi Key, without your support this could never happen.

A little bit about the NMRC:
The Northern Minnesota Robotics Conference was founded in 2016 by a hand full of teams. Today there are 26 member teams covering 35,000 sq miles of northern MN. We are a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to supporting STEM and robotics in our region. In addition to our off season event we host a robotics programming camp and are involved in numerous outreach activities.

Lastly my thoughts:
We strive to make this the best off season event in the state. It takes over 1,000 hrs of total planning executed by many people. From food for our volunteers to our college/business row in the pits and lighting on the field this is a great event. I would personally like to thank everyone who made this happen again this year. I am also very proud of my 2 teams 3134 The Accelerators (all female) and 3275 The Regulators (male) for their 2nd and 4th place finishes. 3134 also took home the Judges award this year (way to go Ladies)!