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This is my first post here and i’m not entirely sure how this works, so bear with me.
My team (ORCA 3136) is going to our third event this weekend in Blacksburg. I know that qualifiers don’t count towards district points, but from talking to mentors and reading up I’ve come to learn that awards and winning the event still count towards your district points. Is this true? Is there anything i’m missing?


No and yes, respectively. You can not earn any district points at a third event, though you can certainly go home with a blue banner.

If you’re competing for Chairman’s and win at your 3rd event, by my reading of the rules that should give you an automatic invitation to DCMP. (Check out §12.8.2) The Chairman’s win, and any other awards you may win at your 3rd event, will not give you district points like you would get for those awards at your first two events. And as you said, you won’t get district points for any other robot performance metrics (qualifications, alliance selection, and playoffs).

That being said, 3rd events are a good chance to get extra driving practice, give plenty of extra unbag time to make improvements, and can be a fun experience because you aren’t as stressed to do well to be able to advance to DCMP. And as @Billfred said, if you end up doing well you could end up leaving with some nice hardware to show off.

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As others have said, your third district event does not matter at all towards DCMP qualification, with the exception of the Chairman’s award. Of course if you win Engineering Inspiration you still get to go present for the award at DCMP (at least that’s how it is in FiM).

Sounds good, thanks guys!

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