3rd Level Buddy Climb

Hi teams!

I’m prototyping a ramp we would extend from the first HAB level with a piston to get up to two robots onto the 3rd HAB platform, and I’m wondering how many teams would actually consider taking the risk of going up it. It would be at least 35" wide, at an angle of <15 degrees (the same as the first HAB level ramp), and there would be a high coefficient of friction material on the top of the ramp.

It would be great if you could help us out and take the google form linked below (I’ll make the results public in a couple days)!

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Here’s the results from 39 responses!


So even though I could go check in the Manuel, is it legal to have multiple robots on level 3?

If the robots are either supported by the 3rd step or another robot (that is supported by the level 3 step), and the bumpers of all robots in question are above the horizontal plane created by the 3rd step, yes. There are several threads going around right now that are going into further depth with it than I did, I suggest checking them out.

Overall: Yes, you can have multiple robots on the level 3 step

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