3rd Level Hab Scoring

I feel as though it is completely necessary to have in order to make it to State championships (FIM) and World championships. Thoughts?

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L3 is our #1 priority, just sayin

I do understand that FiM is very competitive but I’m not so certain that it would be absolutely necessary to advance (on robot performance) to DCMP. Fact is that more than one robot on Level 3 is not going to be common. So you really only need one lvl3 robot per alliance. So I can see alliance captains that have an effective and reliable lvl3 choosing a 3rd and or 2nd robot w/o lvl 3 capability. Additionally there may be robots than can get lift another robot or provide room for another robot on lvl 3 so they would be likely to focus on picking a small and/or light robot that is compatible and not care about lvl 3 capability.

Now if you intend to be an Alliance Captain then yeah I think you might be right.

No, IMO L3 won’t be a required to get to MI states. As in past years, 160 teams will make the playoffs. By being a captain or the first pick in both of your districts you’ll be set. Even by being second pick, win an award or two along the way (5 pts per) and you won’t have to worry about going to DCMP. And as others have said, only one team per alliance needs to do the climb. Not that your team really has to worry.

Making Worlds, though, now that’s a different kettle of fish. As you probably know, district points at Saginaw Valley are worth triple points. And the way the numbers work out, it will be really hard to make Worlds without being picked for the DCMP playoffs (For those that don’t know, 87 Mich teams will go to Worlds and 96 teams will make DCMP playoffs where points are trebled).

So your team will have to be competitive there. And competition is good enough there that unless you’re a alliance captain, you’ll need reasons do get the people to pick you. There are of course many other reasons to pick people especially since there aren’t ranking bonuses in the playoffs. So as always choose something and choose to do it exceedingly well, Ms. Katie …

I will say though, making to L2 is a must and its only 6".

Kelley Cook, Mentor 2834
(Yes, we still appreciate BOB after picking us for Lakeview 2016 and we’re sorry our shooter died during the playoffs at MSC)


I’d put it at roughly 100% odds that at least one team advances to Detroit Champs from Michigan that is incapable of doing a 3rd level climb independently.


I think you are wrong, I think there will be many teams at FIM state championships and world championships that cannot reach the 3rd level.

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Many teams are going to make it to the world championship without being able to climb to the 3rd level of the Hab, winning matches depends on the ability to play with the cargo and hatches.
The only scenario where I see climbing to the 3rd level as a top priority is if you are aiming to end in the top 5 of the ranking at your event.

My prediction: there will be full districts where there will be no 3rd level climbs.

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Yeah, but…if you can score 3 HP and 2 CARGO worth of points in 15 seconds at the end of the match, you might be winning more matches, eh?

Humor me, which districts?

No single robot, not even the elite teams, is doing 5 cycles in 15 seconds.
3 second cycles are not a possibility. Prove me wrong.

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…and those teams that are close to cycling that fast, won’t take anywhere near 15 seconds to climb to Level 3 at the end of the match.

This is so true haha. For some matches, specially in playoffs or when the score is closed, climbing points will decide the winner

even as competitive as FIM is, I’m sure there will be plenty of robots that do hatches/cargo very efficiently at any number of levels that will make detroit and district champs

Ours (CHS) probably. Granted, by DCMP we will probably have ~20% of the field being able to do a Level 3 climb. But week 1, id be surprised if anyone does. Same probably goes for Peachtree.

No way 1629, 1885, 384, 2363, or somebody else doesn’t have one. I bet we’ll see about 25% of CHS attempted it, but only 10% of week 1 matches will involve a level 3 climb.

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I guess we will see. I agree that those teams will eventually be able to climb to Level 3, but whether that happens by week 1 or week 7 I am not sure. Its like a 2 cube auto from 2018, rare at week 1 (or nonexistent) but common by DCMP.

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I think I may have worded that poorly, I meant full district events, not district championships/systems. I haven’t done any statistical analysis on events so I can’t name any specific events. Its more a hunch that teams are underestimating the challenge of getting a level 3 climb.

The question is, will that mechanism cause your cycling to be that much slower in match that you score 9 less points than you could have without it (since the Level 1 HAB is a gimme)? I have no doubt the elite teams will do everything well as always, but for everyone else a Level 3 climber might just score the same number of points as they would have achieved by improved game piece cycling.

It depends on what your goals are. It definitely won’t be needed to get to States or Worlds, but if we’re talking division wins, then yeah, it’s vital. Thats 12 points, 9 more than just parking, and 6 more than getting to level 2. Basically, that’s a level 2 climb + 2 cargo, and with a point cap this year, thats something pretty big to miss out on.

Not only is it going to be important to climb to level 3, I think climbing to level 3 and figuring out a way to take 1 or 2 bots with you is highly beneficial. A robot that could do that guarantees 27 extra points for their alliance (as opposed to all robots parking) . This year, those are big numbers.