3rd Pick regionals

Hey CD

We are competing this weekend at the Miami Valley Regional, and our team was doing great, until the issues set in with our climber. We went from being a possible 2nd pick to a most likely 3rd, if that. We plan on fixing all our issues tomorrow morning, so hopefully we will be able to finally climb the rope all the way up. We were wondering, how should we advartize ourselves so that teams would be more enticed to pick us to be on their alliance once we fix the climber? What are you looking for in a 3rd pick? Also if you are at the Miami Regional, come give 5740 a look.

Talk to likely captains and first picks and tell them that your climber’s problem(s) are fixed. Do this early in the day so their scouts have a chance to see it in action. Know what the issue and the solution was and be ready to explain it if asked about it.

A reliable climb is something big that alliance captains look for. Having one is a major edge for getting picked, as it is very difficult to beat an alliance that has more climbs than yours.

There are some really good suggestions in this thread: https://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=156652

Demonstrate you can climb reliably, alliances can’t afford only two climbers in elims. If you can shut down top gear bots on defense that would help too. Place a gear in auto from position 1 or 3 and you should be a good pick.

demo on the practice field to top teams

Hey Messer there was an earlier post about this but for some reason I can not find it. For our Regional (Palmetto) most teams were looking for a reliable gear runner/climber for a 3rd team. I’m sure that will be the same for most regionals at this point in time.

All a third bot needs to do at this point in the season is climb 100% of the time and score their auto gear.

If you can do both of those at 100% success, you’ll be the top third bot at every event.