3rd STEM Advocacy Conference of Texas: Gone Virtual

Hello Nerds,
Want outreach For your team? Looking for a way to impact your community? Then SACOT is for you!

We are a group of students from team 2468 Team Appreciate! You might know us as one of the runner ups for the Chairman’s award last year at the Houston Worlds! We are the STEM Advocacy Conference of Texas (SACOT), a group of 2468 members that advocate for STEM education. We have already hosted 2 conferences and are working on a 3rd.

This year we are hosting a virtual Conference! We will be having the entire conference streamed on twitch on December 8th, from 12:25 - 4:50. We will have small gatherings hosted by teams in Houston and San Antonio. We will be giving presentations on Texas legislation, advocacy skills, and the SACOT platform for this legislative session. We will be having presentations by the following people:

-Dean Kamen (Video)
-Don Bossi

-Representative Donna Howard
-TechNet CEO Caroline Joiner

In February we will be having a huge push to advocate for STEM education to legislators. I would like to extend and invitation to every FRC team in Texas. Please message me or email our membership coordinator at saanya@sacot.info if you are interested. This is a great outreach opportunity for your team!

I would also like to extend an invitation to EVERYONE reading this. We would be happy to have you watch our stream on twitch. Also, feel free to email me if you are interested in SACOT and would like to try and start something similar in your state.

Below I have attached a few flyers for some extra information. Thank you so much, and I am looking forward to having some of you tune into the conference.

The 3rd SACOT conference is live right now. You can find the stream here:. https://m.twitch.tv/sacotexas

Thanks to FRC 3481 BroncBotz and FRC 3735 VorTX for hosting local nodes in San Antonio and Houston respectively.
Don Bossi will be on live at 3:05 CST time today.

If you want the direct Twitch stream, here is the link for it: http://Twitch.tv/sacotexas