3rd times the charm?

So with the announcement that there will be no official In Person events, do people think that Infinite Recharge will be played again? Or do you think we will get a new game?

Personally as much as I would’ve loved to see high level IR play, a third time is to much for me. Although I would be happy enough to see it played.

Do you think Infinite Recharge will be played in 2022?
  • Yes, and I would like it to be
  • Yes, but I would like a new game
  • No, but I would like it to be
  • No, and I would like a new game
  • I don’t care either way

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I never expected in-person play in the official 2021 season.

My pipe dream is that somehow things become safe enough for gatherings over summer and we get fall offseasons of infinite recharge, and then 2022 season is back to normal. Of course, this relies on a lot of things going right, so my expectations are really, really low.


Even if we don’t get any Infinite Recharge events in North America in 2021, I think it’s time to let it go. We got what we could out of Infinite Recharge, but at a certain point trying to give current students a proper season is denying newer students (who will make up half of all FRC students by 2022) a proper season themselves.

Maybe they can keep around the fields and run Infinite Recharge events alongside the 2022 game in the offseason, but that would require teams to keep their 2020 robot around and maintain it for far longer than the typical FRC robot. There could be one or two like MadTown 2015, but I don’t expect they’ll be too common.


It all depends on how things look ~6 months from now. If FIRST feels that in-person events will happen in 2022, i bet we’ll have a new game. If not… i don’t know what they’ll do. Building a whole new robot just to run it in our build space is just too expensive.


Little do we know, FIRST has been colluding with the world’s shadow governments in order to finally realize the potential of FTC


Punxsutawney AndyMark Goat did not see her shadow this morning, so it’s confirmed that there won’t be 6 more years of Infinite Recharge.


Unless they make the Romi official competition ware, but that could introduce a whole host of other challenges.

Then it would just be a programming challenge, not a robotics competition :man_shrugging:

Not at all. We are currently in the process of working on building challenges with our Romis as well as programming. Many people may look at them as limited, but they are really no different than a blank drive base with few exceptions (some of which are huge).

  1. The power is more limited than an FRC Bot
  2. The io is more limited than an FRC Bot
  3. It takes more creativity to create an H-framed intake bot

I am sure there are others, but that is what I think of now. In my mind, these are the aforementioned challenges. But, the benefits also have the potential to be large.

1)They are inexpensive compared to an FRC Bot
2)They are safer
3)They are portable

If the main issues for teams are financing, involvement, and challenge, there is a lot potential to work with and build upon with the Romi base.


Why not just do FTC then?

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I guess that is a point. I was thinking that as I wrote this. But, FTC does not use WPILib (At least I do not think it does), so I look at the Romi as an extension of FRC. Also the FTC robots seem to me more expensive for a single (hopefully) year of competition that then would not be as helpful for prototyping and remote work/practice in future years. If price were not as limiting a factor a VMX bot comp would be more powerful. But also, much more expensive.

It’s like you’ve been watching over my shoulder.


Running 5 FTC bots at $2k each will double our robot budget for this year and use unique control hardware.
Running 15 Romi bots is closer to $3k startup cost this year with tools, shouldn’t run much over $500 in consumables (say each year we 3D print some stuff to bolt on to servos, plus inevitable broken sensors), and pushes my students straight into WPILib Java.


What’s everyone’s status if there is no in person robotics come 2022?

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure if I will participate in another online-only, or limited in person robotics season.

We are just now allowed to meet in person (school’s rules), and we have already decided to not do the robot challenges. We are only doing innovation, game design, and chairman’s.

I’m not sure I can handle another season of this


Yea, FTC uses their own thing. Someone on the FTC Discord ported WPILib to it, but some patches were required because the version of Android they use doesn’t support JDK 11. FTC software teams also seem to have a culture of “Implement it all yourself/Not invented here” whereas WPILib’s mission is to “raise the floor; don’t lower the ceiling”. That is, provide a lot of features out of the box so teams can pick their battles.

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