Just checking I thought I saw something about a 3X multiplier if you have 3 10pt and the 2X in the sam goal. If I could get a link to where it says that it would be nice. I alsoo am curious as to peoples opinions, as long as this isn’t a figment of my imagination :slight_smile:

Um, no? I don’t recall ever hearing anything like that. Additionaly, even if that was true, at two regionals I’ve only seen a 10 pt ball rolling around maybe twice. I actually got to shoot one once (during a practice round) but our goal was already overflowing and it just went right through the poles.

Go to usfirst.org- download the game and scoring documents- that should help clarify the game’s scoring.

[edit] here you go http://www.usfirst.org/robotics/doc_updt.htm [/edit]

There is no way to get a 3x mult. period, end of story

there were questions early on about what if you put two 2X balls in a goal - does it double the small balls twice?

FIRST put out a team update and said: NO

maybe thats what you were thinking about - that would explain why you cant find anything on 3X - it would have been a 4X multiplyer.

As far as I’m aware I don’t think that there is a 3x multiplier. I maybe wrong.

2X multiplier and thats it. 100% sure

A 10pt ball is equal to a capped 5pt. Therefor, a capped 10pt is the same as a 5pt capped twice(if that was legal). Could this be what you’re thinking about?