4.3.6 vs <R24> Software completion

From 4.3.6:
On the software side, writing actual lines of code, verification of syntax, final debugging, etc would all be considered development of the final software implementation, and must be completed during the approved fabrication periods.
However, <R24> states:
During the period between ship date and the competitions, all teams may manufacture SPARE, REPLACEMENT, and UPGRADE PARTS, and develop software for their ROBOT at their home facility.
The clarifying note for <R24> states:
This will allow teams to have the maximum time possible prior to each competition event to develop and complete the software for their ROBOT while maximizing the potential capabilities provided by the control system.
This seems contradictory. Since <R24> is a rule, and 4.3.6 is a lead-in paragraph, wouldn’t <R24> have precidence?

Mentor – Team 3221

R24 defines those approved fabrication periods. For software, this includes the period after ship. Of course, you cannot download this code to the robot.

Still seems like a conflict to me…
According to 4.3.6 you can’t legally do anything considered “development of the final software implementation”
<R24> states teams can “develop software for their ROBOT”

I think what Rahilm was saying is that the “approved fabrication periods” include the time after ship for programming development.