4,6,8 Wheel Tank drive?

Hey just curious about what people think. What are the pro’s and con’s of each?

I believe a 6 wheel drive train, is probably the best for games like this year, cause with 6 wheel drive u have more control over the bot, it turns better, it has torque, and power. With 8 wheel its good but the turning ability is a little bit weak but it was great power. 4 wheel drive is just awful in all :yikes:

I was going to Vote… But I have no idea what your trying to ask…

Are you asking
“which one do you like better?”
“which one has your team used the most?”
“which do you think is the most versatile?”
“which is the best for this years game?”

i THINK he is trying to ask which one is the best overall

torque comes from gearing and what motors are in the drive train. assuming the same motors: a 4wd with a 12:1 reduction to 4" wheels will have more torque than a 6wd with 6:1 reduction to 4" wheels.

in first almost everyone drops the center wheels lower than the outer wheels of 6 or 8wd bots so they are essentially creating a 4wd because only 4 wheels are contacting at once.

even though its not listed im going to go with my teams ten wheel drive.

(pics 80, 78, 66-68,)

we dropped the center three on each side .125" and never had a problem turning. No one could push us, granted our driver was in low gear :stuck_out_tongue:

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