4 Bar Linkage Design/CAD Request

Hey CD, quick question:

Does anyone have any CAD links or pictures of 4 Bar Linage arms? My team is considering making a small one to mount to our elevator carriage this year I wanted to get a head start by having some good reference material. I am mostly interested in the bearing/pivot set up for each linkage and how the drive motor and gearbox are connected.

Any links, and especially some CAD I could download would be much appreciated!

-Nick K.

148 has their 2011 CAD posted on their site, however their 4 bar is not simple.

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302 did a 4 bar on an elevator last year. Don’t know how much the picture helps

3476 had a single joint arm with a wrist to keep the intake parallel. Not exactly a 4 bar, but might be good to look at considering they posted CAD.

1640 has a CAD posted from their 2011 season where they did a 4-bar

Additionally here’s a Ri3D team who built a 4 bar on an elevator for this years game

These are just a couple of examples that came to my head, there’s plenty of others out there. Good Luck!


Good stuff, thanks a lot! I’ll take a look after work.

Hi - a great source for mechanism ideas in general is this YouTube playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhoXNQqrCmEfAaTf0AfQ1Ztxmz2DoZiCk

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You can checkout our robot last year (3542). Similar concept to what 3476 and others also used. Static axle with the idler rotating around it. A belt linked both ends of the linkage. Not simple…but cute.


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Highly recommend adding a gas shock or other counterbalancing mechanism to reduce the torque required to lift the objects–take a look at Tuesday update for more details.