4 falcon gearbox

Just getting some CAD practice. (This should probably never be built)

4 falcons

12:62 ratio or 5.17:1

Any questions, comments, concerns.


…add ackermann steering and you’ve got something slightly less unreasonable?

In terms of overall design, I prefer to draw tangent lines in between curves/circles as it’s stronger and can help reduce weight, plus it looks nicer.




That output shaft looks like it could drive both sides of the bot

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That is a thick motor mounting plate.

Can you think of a way of how to keep rigidity and strength while reducing the overall thickness or a way to remove the plate which mounts to the 2x1?

Taking skid steer to the next level - all skid, no steer


I have a question: who needs PDP slots anyway?

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OP: what wheel did you intend to use with this?
Do you have a guess at robot weight?
Given the wheel and the robot weight, the next thing might be to calculate the break-away torque at the wheel.

Hope that hex shaft is steel, otherwise it’s twizzler time :laughing:


Its a good thing this robot will only have 8 motors.

Probaly 6". On a 70lb robot. probably?

70 pounds is a little light for FRC, but might be appropriate for your project.
Looking at a pushing condition, the maximum pushing force is dictated by the weight on the wheel times the coefficient of friction between the wheel and the ground (or perhaps carpet).
Assuming COF is 1, working back across the gear ratio, the maximum usable motor current will be just shy of 40 Amps.
Perhaps not bad.
Your no load speed will be quite impressive - I calculate ~32.4 ft/sec.
That’s pretty dang fast - is that what you had in mind?

Assuming 20DP* gears, the bottom falcon will be lower than the wheel edge. If you rotate the gearbox 45 degrees, you can get a half inch of ground clearance.

* If they were 32DP, four Falcon 500’s wouldn’t fit around it.

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