4 inch wheels

Can anyone tell me different places to get 4 inch wheels by 2 inch. Also where to get blue roughtop and wedgetop tread.

Thank you

You can get 4"dia by 2"wide wheels from IFI, you can also get 4" wheels from Andymark not positive about the width.

But as far as blue roughtop (nitrile is the name) just search for “incline conveyor belting” on Mcmaster.com and you should see it. Select the Nitrile roughtop for the “blue” style. And i don’t know if anyone makes nitrile wedgetop.

3"wide (thinnest available) nitrile roughtop part number: 5994K851

hope i helped

One trick we did this year: Instead of buying two feet of X-inch-wide wedgetop and having a bunch left over, we instead ordered one foot of an 18" wide piece (which, coincidentally, is a smidge longer than the circumference of our wheels). For a four-inch wheel, your magic number would be 13" (or the next size past that).

yeah we just bough a strip of 4" wide nitrile and used that after slicing it up

Thanks for the help, any other wheels?

Make em. Much more satisfying, educational, and expensive. But in the long run, I’ve found my custom wheels to be better tools to show off to potential employers, friends, and other random people.


Banebots just came out with some new wheels, apparently. http://banebots.com/c/WHB

$14 will get you a 4" wheel with whatever durometer you want (30, 40, 50) and hub to mount it on a typical keyed shaft. They also have a wide hub so you can double up two of the wheels. These look really neat, has anyone played with them yet?

EDIT: you can also just get a keyed wheel for $5! I really want to try them out.

Our team has had great sucess using the NPC Robotics wheels. They are simalar to colsons, however come ready with a .5" bore w/ 1/8" keyway. We personally use the 6" variety, but (correct me if I’m wrong) team 148 used the 4" wheels this year on their swerve modules.

You can get them either at:

NPC Robotics

Robot Marketplace

Both sites have them for $19 a piece, which from what I have seen, is nice a cheap!:smiley:

Good Luck.

Those banebots wheels look like an amazing deal if they are decent quality. I am going to try to get some this summer to use on a prototype drivetrain. If they end up working well they will be a much better deal than even the colson variety.

As a side note we used the colson wheels from robotmarketplace that come keyed and they were flawless however for $7 for the banebots wheel it is a much better deal.

Just remember, you will see a performance difference between the banebot wheel and the NPC wheel. Banebot’s wheels come with softer rubber than the NPC wheels.

Depending one which wheels from BB you get, you will have different amounts of grip and wear. The 30A will be “grippyist”, but wear the fastest. The 50A will be the one that has the lowest grip (of the BB wheels) but wear slower.

The NPC wheels are use a 70A durometer rubber. So ALL of the BaneBots wheels will have more grip, but wear faster as well.

This could also lead to eventual wheel changes on the BaneBot wheels if they wear too quickly for your liking, which could end up making them more costly than the NPC in the end.


That is very true about the hardness of the wheels. I would have preferred for the colson wheels to be a bit grippier so perhaps the banebot wheels at 50A will be just right. Also you could replace each wheel 3 times for the price of one npc wheel. Just a thought.

In regards to the 1/8" keyed shafts:

From Banebots Website:
NOTE: The broached polypropylene core should be durable enough for most applications; however, it may not be suitable for some strenuous applications. It is recommended to use a separate hub solution for strenuous applications.

This applies to the 6WD cantilevered “west coast” drive train setup. Until we know how durable these wheels are in a competition environment, it may pay to simply go with the high-traction soft rubber and plan to change the wheels every so often anyways. If a hex mount is chosen, it may also be more beneficial to use the 1/2" Hex shaft over the 3/8" hex shaft for the same reasons.

Does anyone have a link to a solidworks or inventor 4 inch double set omni wheel? Thanks in Advance.