4 rotors = different score?

Daly match 110 - both teams got 4 rotors. Red got 160 points and blue got 180 points. Why would point value be different? Do you get more points if gear is placed during auto?

You get 60 points per rotor in auto compared to 40 in teleop.

Next time I suggest you read the game manual or do your research before posting here. :slight_smile:

Hey man, we’ve all missed things in the manual. How about we point out the correct answer, be helpful, and stay professional about the whole thing?

It’s really more effort to include the “f” in rtfm, than it is to answer a simple question. That being said, there’s some questions that are just obviously a result of not reading, and it’s usually best to answer those with a link to the manual, and a POLITE suggestion that maybe a little more reading might help.

Sorry if I’m misreading here; are you criticizing Anon for somehow being harsh? :confused: If so, I don’t really see their response as anything other than helpful and lighthearted (while that last line was kinda blunt, they clearly didn’t mean it rudely). Can you clarify what was so wrong with that response that it was worth calling out?

My apologies. I wasn’t trying to be rude or non-professional in my response.
For posterity, here’s a good diagram of scoring in this game. I hope this helps OP!


I suppose I read a little more than was blatantly communicated in the last line. Sometimes bluntness can be interpreted as rudeness, and I mistakenly misinterpreted it.

Sorry guys. My son was involved 10 years ago. Just like to check in now and then. Maybe I better change my id to stupid old man. You guys are so welcoming. :rolleyes: :slight_smile:

No worries! Here is the link to the full game manual if you’d like.

Actually I find your question reasonable since FIRST makes it confusing by adding the 20 point bonus that only given in Auto to the sum of the Rotor points. No matter when a Rotor starts turning, it is worth 40 points. The bonus is for getting it started during Auto, so I would rather it was reported as part of the Auto score. It reflects the quality of the Alliance’s Auto capability. If an Alliance gets 2 Rotors turning in Auto (by delivering 3 gears) then there are 2 20-point bonuses and the scoreboard will add that to the Rotor points. So you can’t tell if was 3 Rotors (120 points) or 2 Rotors plus 2 20-point bonuses (120 points, but rare).

You might try reading my 4 page guide that is here: ::rtm::


It is shorter than the whole manual and more clear and complete than the 1-page summary.