4-team Einstein

I am trying to understand the 4- teams from each division go to Einstein.

Each alliance at Champs has four teams. They elect to put three of them on the field at any one time, but all teams are members of the alliance. I believe the alliance can opt to have their fourth drive coach in the drive box even without a robot.

Each division winning alliance goes onto Einstein.

Check out section 5.6 of the game manual “Championship Additions and Exceptions.” Alliance selections at the Championship will have an extra round, and each alliance will pick a 4th robot, starting with the 1st seed and ending with number 8. Then for each match, each alliance announces a “lineup” and can select any 3 of their 4 robots to play.

Do not believe high seed has ability to react. Rules state head ref keeps lineups confidential.

Typically, in terms of “react,” the higher seed will have an opportunity to change their placement of robots on the field (as in left side vs. right side). But it’s my assumption that, like in the years of 2-team matches and 3-team alliances, changing WHICH robots are on the field won’t be permitted.

Ok, I must have substituted how I would have written the rule as opposed to the actual rule. So each alliance must decide if they want to make a substitution independent of the other alliance. Still should make for an interesting tournament.