4 Time Chairmans Award Winner

I would like to congratulate Team #1108 Panther Robotics out of Paola Kansas on their 4th time winning of the Chairman’s Award today. Keep up the great work.

These guys are simply amazing people. I had the chance to talk with them at the 06’ Wisconsin Regional (where the also later won Chairmans) and was lucky enough to be allied with them in the finals.

Congratulations and keep up the amazing work.

1108 partnered with 2587 in semis at LSR, they were also right next to our pit. I have been very impressed with this team, in terms of their students and their outreach results. They have helped start over 20 different FIRST teams and obtained millions in grant money to help kick off the kansas city regional. I see 1108 making the hall of fame in a few years.

how do you win more than one chairman’s award? do you have to do more and more community outreach etc every year?

Same way you win the first one. The requirements are pretty much the same every year. Provided, of course, that you don’t win the Championship CA…

The FIRST awards guide states that teams need to focus on newer activities (the last 2 years or so), so teams that are winning multiple RCA’s are continuing programs and adding new ones.

The focus has shifted to “what are you doing now”, so a team cannot win an RCA in 2008 based on something they did in 2006 - they have to continue to expand and grow their programs.

Teams that are winning multiple RCA’s, especially at the same Regional, must be adding to their programs in a way that continues to impress the judges, because often the RCA judges are very experienced and some are RCA judges for several years.

If you want to see some of the details about 1108’s chairman’s , take a look at this thread, there was some discussion about the issue,