401 Arm Test 1 -- Video

Here is a short video of team 401 doing a manipulator test yesterday.



seams to work very well, is the chassis running?

Yes. All systems run…

…but we are in the process of making new lighter wheels.

Full robot test video will be coming this week.

Looks nice. How does that claw fold back into the 38x28 box?

Tusks fold back, roller arm folds back.

Held in by spring and servo.

Fits like a glove :slight_smile:

Looks a lot like team 121’s:

Yes…we are familiar with that robot, but there are many significant differences…

  1. Their arm is not on the outside of the starting box (like ours)

  2. They need to stop and turn around to score (we don’t)

  3. They do not use a 4-bar linkage lift system (we do)

There is one similarity though:

They both use a roller…but that is a very common first tool :slight_smile:

P.S. – Go Sparky – Thats where i had my start!

Not Really.
The only similarity I can see is their use of the “tusks.” I believe that this will be a very common feature among many robots.

I really like 121’s. They bring the ball on top of their robot nicely to make a smaller foot print. That will make it alot easier for them to get around cuz they can get through smaller holes. I also like their arm, it seems a lot stronger. I don’t think having to turn around it cause to much of a problem but I guess we’ll see. Good work

Looks nice. Ive seen a lot of rollers but yall’s seems the best, plus I like how the arm extends. Good luck.:cool:

Very nice design.

Just wondering, does it fit in the 80" rule?


we barely fit w/in the 80 inches. But that was before we cut off 4" from the front of our four bar.

So I am very confident we are w/in the limit now


Just to be helpful abit

<R16> Once the MATCH has started, the ROBOT may assume a PLAYING CONFIGURATION that
exceeds the size dimensions specified in Rule <R11>. While in the PLAYING
CONFIGURATION, the ROBOT may expand up to a maximum horizontal dimension of 80
inches (e.g. all parts of the ROBOT must fit within an imaginary 80-inch-diameter upright
cylinder). There are no height limits for a ROBOT in its PLAYING CONFIGURATION at any
time after the start of the MATCH.

so your arm was fine the way it was and you didnt have to cut off 4"

Very nice robot!!!
Looks like it will be very effective…
In what position does your robot carry the ball when you move around the field to come back around for another hurdle?

Best of luck!!

Great job you guys!!!