4026 Global Dynamics Climb Test



It looks interesting haha, it works?


Sure does! It went better the second time through!


That’s great! I would love to see it in a video when possible. Honestly looks pretty amazing haha


I’ve seen a video of this in operation, looks cool. But does it stay in the Hab zone throughout the lift? It was hard to tell in the video, but it looked like it may go out.


I’m not sure, I think it does but that’s something we’re gonna have to test at the next meeting.



It’s inside by 2.5" once we fix the leg sag, pretty tight fit, we plan to move the pivot to reduce outward motion giving us some margin…thanks for the comment though, glad it was noticed now and not at comps


The video embed isn’t working. Try uploading to YouTube then posting the link here


Love the fact that your concept works. Love crazy ideas!


Does it end in level 3? or just stays there?

from rules.

For the purposes of assessing SANDSTORM and HAB Climb Bonuses described in Table 5-1, a ROBOT
is considered to have started from, or climbed to, a HAB Level if:

  1. the ROBOT’S BUMPERS are fully above the Level’s platform and
  2. the ROBOT is only supported by:
    o surfaces of the HAB PLATFORM at or above that Level,
    o ALLIANCE WALL, and/or
    o another ROBOT which has climbed to that HAB Level or higher


judging from the highly supportive side plates, it appears their plan is to rotate till they fall upside down on the level three platform in order to meet the criteria.


Love this design, with the small footprint, low weight and the speed at which it can deploy rotate robots, this is one of the best designs for lvl 3 solo climbs this year.


It ends on level 3, I will attach a video when I get the chance.


Here is a video of the first succesful climb. The dangling electronics are not final. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpeOCNDB2aQ


After you get up there, any chance of a short robot driving onto your legs so you can lift them as well?


We hadn’t considered that, but probably not. I don’t think the arm can make it all the way back down to be flush with the platform again, and I don’t think it could lift another bot above the 3rd level without dumping them onto ours.

edit: after some consideration, we determined it might be plausible to lift a robot to level 2 from our level 3 position.


Make sure you test doing this on a low battery. I don’t know your gearing setup, but at the end of the match you might have more trouble. Looks awesome!


Just checking… is the blue line below less than 30 inches?


I’m the programmer, and this test was done with the power scaled down by half. At max it had 50% speed