404:1 update

Today was the presentation in the STEM class and the gearbox was almost finished. As I said before it was part of an in school competition and this was done by some Robotics team members (seniors). So of course the team is helping which kinda made it a team 1989 project. Well 3 weeks were not enough. We will finish it though. We had some setbacks. 1st someone selected headdiameter instead of pitchdiameter which meant the helix angle was different from gear to gear. So this necessitated a reprint of quite a few gears. The gearbox has about 40 or so individual parts. So we got to the last gear yesterday the Sun of the center stage and the hotend on our printer hit the curled up edge and bent the heatbreak and stripped the heaterblock threads out as it ripped that part off. So Its waiting for replacement parts now. The thing could work without that sun but that sun is there to give structural stability and keep the axles that hold the planets from deflecting which could cause a potential gear slip. It was also found that some things were not properly considered. Like that there needs to be room for fingers to put the thing together and an alignment tool is necessary and the way the planet carrier is designed is an assembly nightmare as you need 3 hands and no room for fingers. Now all those are fixable and I was assured they will be fixed and I will get the CAD to reprint the planet carriers and the center sun - when the parts for the printer come in and the printer is back in working condition (4 to 7 business days) So there will be some delay and I do not expect much to happen for the rest of this week on this project. We will see how the grading for the students goes on this one (I am no teacher just a mentor) So IDK if there are going to be point deduction or additions for even attempting to do a 404:1 3d printed planetary in 3 weeks.

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