4142 Shorebots Rookie Team Robot

I thought I might put the video up of our first robot ever made. One of our more artistic members made it. We are almost done, except for one of our jaguars not working, and our balls not feeding directly up our ball hopper. Hope you enjoy it.

Da Johnny Boy

Great job! I love all of the rookies this year! They’re doing a lot better than the rookies in my day (haha…my day).

Well, atleast the rookies who post to Chief Delphi…

Heads up: your bumpers as shown here are ILLEGAL as per rule <R35>.

<R35>: Teams shall display their team number on the Bumpers in four locations at approximately 90° intervals around the perimeter of the Robot. The numerals must be at least 4 in. high, at least ¾ in. in stroke width, and be either white in color or outlined in white. Team numbers must be clearly visible from a distance of not less than 100 ft, so that judges, referees, and announcers can easily identify competing Robots.

Question on 2/8/12 by Team 1619:

Your bumpers appear to feature your number five times.

I guess at the competition we will just staple some extra fabric over one side. Shouldn’t be too hard. When I checked in with the bumper team, they were already painting the numbers on the second side so I figured it would not be a problem to have extra numbers and we could deal with it later if there was a problem. I guess the GDC has some reason that you can not have more than four.