4152 introduces Excalibur

Team 4152 is excited to compete this weekend at Georgian College. Our robot currently has vision targeting, can score in the inner and outer target from multiple locations and can climb and self level.


Can you post a better picture of the intake?

Looks great guys! Looking forward to seeing it in action in person this weekend.

Here you go!

Slick looking robot.

I hope you did something about that RSL mounting situation since the picture though…

Yes we did, quick fix as that was early on in the assembly process.

Now that our season is over, here is the Technical Binder for our robot:
Hoya Robotics Team 4152.pdf (2.4 MB)
We won the Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors at the ONT District Georgian College event and are really happy with the end result.
Our code is also on GitHub for any teams that want to check it out:

Our CAD is viewable at: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/6f9657f5eda4478b378da08d/w/bb7a3676f1b0dcd7756f8dcb/e/fe162cb22dab89dc8951217e?configuration=default
The reason we share this information is because we have learned so much thanks to other teams over the years. We hope you can build on our learning as well. We do ask that you don’t simply copy our work. If you do take an idea, please share with me so we can include that information in our Chairman’s award documentation.
Ian McTavish
Mentor 4152