4153 Project Y Robot reveal

Check out https://youtu.be/8N380CGcYgo for a YouTube video and here’s a photo too:

Congrats on the Finalist award at El Paso and Good luck at Amarillo this weekend !

Your team is in a great position to qualify for the FiT State Champs

Thanks. Any idea how soon teams will be notified if they made the cut and get an invite to Champs? We’ve got a long way to travel and some fundraising to do if we get to go!

My guess is that you will be going barring something very unexpected occurring.


You’re currently sitting at 93 district points and ranked #1 in the Texas district! Congrats! Note that not everyone has played 2 events, so your rank will probably dip as more events finish. However 64 teams qualify for the DCMP and I would expect that you’ll make it. Two times in playoffs as a first pick and two robot awards should basically guarantee you a spot.

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