4183 Bit Buckets: 2014 Robot


Reveal video can be found at: http://youtu.be/TU76Xct-mHY

We’re proud to present our 2014 robot. Name is undecided so feel free to post suggestions. (We also need a name for our practice robot.) Anyway, you’re welcome to share any comments or questions. Here’s some basic information:

Drivetrain/ chassis:

  • Wide 6WD KoP drivetrain.
  • 2x 3 CIM single speed gearboxes, geared for ~9 actual feet per second using KoP wheels.
  • 1" 1/16"-wall square aluminum tubing frame with laser-cut plywood and aluminum gussets.
  • Frame hinges up using quick-release pins for easy access to electronics
  • Laser-cut 3/8" plywood belly pan.
  • Very low center of mass.
  • Rear superstructure allows for catching.


  • Pneumatically deployed horizontal roller intake.
  • Constructed from 1" 1/8"-wall square aluminum tubing with aluminum gussets.
  • Main roller is ABS pipe, chain driven by a BaneBots RS550 in a VersaPlanetary.
  • Side rollers are BaneBots wheels, direct driven by BAG motors in VersaPlanetaries.
  • Can pick up a ball from any angle in <1 second.
  • Can outtake ball into low goal or another robot.


  • Surgical tubing power allows for easy tuning.
  • 2 MiniCIMS in modified Ball Shifter pull back catapult in ~0.7 seconds.
  • Catapult is fired by shifting Ball Shifter to neutral and pneumatically releasing custom spring-loaded latch.
  • Can consistently score in the high goal from ~8’ to ~20’
  • Intake can be used to deflect shot downward for long floor pass.


  • Identical practice robot!
  • Consistent one and two ball autonomous modes.
  • Custom OI with modified pistol-grip R/C car controller
  • All metal is black anodized, wood is painted.

We will be competing at the Hub City and Arizona Regionals.

What specific controller are you using for this? A link/part number would be great.

The pistol grip itself was made in the 80’s, so I don’t think you’ll have much luck finding that specific controller. It’s connected to an eStop Robotics Custom Control Interface, which I would highly recommend. It’s much easier than modifying a gamepad like we have done in the past.

Just realized the YouTube video does not work on mobile because of music. Here’s a link to one that should: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nhl24w020lnr2mn/FRC%202014%20Reveal%20Video.mov