422's willing to trade...

422 will have 4 (count em, 4) extra Chiaphua motors at Nationals (for all of you demonic people who want to build 8 motor drive trains… you know who you are…).

We don’t really need them, and we don’t really want anything urgently. In other words, make us an offer. We do not guarantee they’re 100% efficient - they’re second-hand motors, not top of the line. But if something drastic just happened to your drive train and you need a replacement, or if you just want to tinker around with a big honking motor in the offseason, pay us a visit. Preference will be given to those in need, not those in want.

Actually, I don’t know - will FIRST be handing out Chiaphuas if you have to replace them? Those would be fresh. Ah well… keep us in mind.

are you allowed to sell them?

We’re not really selling them, just trading them. At every competition I’ve been to I’ve known of some trading, so either it’s legal, or illegal but lots of people do it. We’re not out to break the rules here…

If they’re not all gone by the end of Nationals, we’ll be taking them apart and tinkering around with them :slight_smile:

In my opinion, teams own their kit (and their robot). I am sure that it is not illegal to sell what you own.

Would FIRST be happy about teams selling stuff that FIRST mostly had donated to them to give to the kit? I can’t answer that, but i suppose that it is none of there business.

Joe J.