4237 pre-season WCD review

Sounds like there is a plan, just the cad didn’t show any of it. If you know how the boards are going on, I’d say it’s fine.

Personally, I like electronics on the belly pan. This does come with it’s unique set of challenges when mechanisms start appearing, but it’s nothing a inverted / vertical / separated belly pan can’t fix.

Next time we get into the drivetrain I’ll look closer but these would well for us. https://www.andymark.com/products/sprocket-17t-25-chain-double-sprocket-for-wcd?via=Z2lkOi8vYW5keW1hcmsvV29ya2FyZWE6Ok5hdmlnYXRpb246OlNlYXJjaFJlc3VsdHMvJTdCJTIycSUyMiUzQSUyMmRvdWJsZStzcHJvY2tldCUyMiU3RA

We’re driving our WCD Chassis now, but not completed the Bumper mounts yet. Very happy with the results so far. Confirmed that Half Links are NOT acceptable; especially in Drive Trains!
I see our template WCD was conceived based on the relatively flat fields of recent years, with intent to modify based on any year’s game. If we have a repeat of the Stronghold “CAT5” terrain, I expect possibly a 8”-6 wheel modification.
Besides lowering the gear ratio and shortening the Ladder bars, I am concerned about 18t drive Sprockets, the #25H Chain, or having to cut out the sides of the Belly Pan. Is there a preferred ratio between the Sprocket and wheel diameter? At what point is it essential to use a #35 chain? And it seems slotting the Belly Pan sides would degrade it significantly. Does anyone have other thoughts or solutions on fundamental changes needed to “beef it up”?

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