4265 Shifting Swerve Off Season CAD

After a lot of hard work in the offseason putting together a swerve drive with modified mk2 modules, I decided to design my own from scratch. But because that wasn’t hard enough, I just had to add a shifter. The result is inspired by team Mean Machine’s Hermes module and the mk2 modules with a low free speed of 9 ft/s and high free speed of 17 ft/s. Any suggestions and recommendations appreciated.
-Adam Blanchard
4265 Design Lead, Product Owner, Mechanical QC

Full Frame Shifting Swerve v4 2 Full Frame Shifting Swerve v4 3 Full Frame Shifting Swerve v4 Full Frame Shifting Swerve v5.step (51.6 MB)

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Looks good!

Is there any reason you went with a dog shifter over a ball shifter? It seems to me like you could have saved some vertical space by using a ball shifter which would have allowed you to lower the gap between the dog gears.

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Yes, in fact at first I tried to implement a ball shifter.

  1. Dog shifter gears are generally smaller and the ballshifter gears restrained the spread to very close to 1 and not very useful.
  2. The dog shifter is actually a custom part as I had to allow it to interface with the top gear. Dog shifters aren’t super difficult to machine whereas ball shifters are close to impossible based on the tools we have in shop.

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