4272 Off Season Chassis


We wanted to show off the latest drivetrain.

The goal for this drivetrain was to build the gearboxes into the side rails to maximize the space inside of the robot. This was inspired from 1747’s 2018 robot.

There are a few minor things we will improve for the season, but overall we are pretty satisfied with the drivetrain. The prototype is made from 6mm Baltic Birch Plywood, but will be replaced with 1/4" Aluminum side rails once we are 100% satisfied with it this season.

Drivetrain currently runs on 8 -755 pros, but also has mounting holes for a 4 CIM (or Neo) drive.

775 Pro Configuration is geared 35.42:1 with 6" wheels (theoretical top speed is about 14 fps).

If you have any comments or suggestions, please reply. Our students are excited for some feedback.

Pictures, videos, and the CAD drawing can be found here:

As a note, its unlikely that we will be using a 775 Pro drivetrain this season because we still have limited experience with them. It was cool to make on in the off season though.

I believe the current plan is actually to use Rev Robotics Neos in the drivetrain, because they have similar weight and size advantages to the 775 Pro. The can also be replaced with CIMs if things go wrong.


Always great to see what the Purdue Teams are up to! You’ll be hearing from us soon about some cool designs as well!

Do you guys have any plans to lighten it by milling out the side panels?